Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anxiety and Panic Attack Remedy

A natural panic attack remedy such as meditation can work wonders with continual practice. Relaxation is often overlooked when dealing with stress and anxiety related health problems. People generally ignore signs of too much stress until it becomes a real problem. Deep relaxation can help both those under stress and those with anxiety disorders.

People who suffer from panic attacks might experience frequent irritability and thoughts of dread. Muscle tension, headaches and bowel problems are highly common symptoms for those with anxiety disorders. Sufferers generally have a higher sensitivity to stress and find that their fight or flight response triggers easily. This stress response is what anxiety sufferers experience as an anxiety attack.

Since stress can aggravate anxiety as well as other health problems such as insomnia and depression, it's important to de-stress regularly. Most people spend very little time in relaxed states and are constantly stimulated externally or with internal thoughts. Even watching TV or using the computer can be highly stimulating for the mind. People might see these as relaxing activities but often they're not. When people surf the Net, they're bombarded with images, sounds, text and video.

Spending prolonged periods in focused states consumes depleted energy and can be highly stressful. When the brain becomes stimulated in this was it affects the body. Stress hormones and adrenaline are released into the body which causes unwanted physical symptoms. Meditation and deep relaxation can help control stress and work as a panic attack remedy for sufferers of anxiety disorders.

Through meditation a panic attack sufferer can learn to cultivate deep relaxation and control breathing during attacks. Hyperventilation can often occur with attacks, which are extremely frightening. Being in control of your breath when having an episode can greatly reduce symptoms. To meditate is very simple since it requires no use of tools.

It's preferable to find a quiet place to sit down and meditate, but it's not completely necessary. Ensure that you are sitting upright but don't tense your muscles. Relax your muscles in your face and in your shoulders. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, keeping a steady but slow breath. If you find it difficult to release thoughts, just keep focusing on each breath. It can be difficult to clear the mind of thoughts. But rather than try and clear your thoughts, try to watch them instead.

Visualization in meditation can also be used. For example, visualize positive energy entering on each inhale and negative energy leaving on every exhale. Do this for a minimum of ten minutes everyday. Next time you have a panic attack focus on slow deep breathing rather than try to fight it. This simple panic attack remedy can be used anytime and anywhere to help you counter anxiety and stress.

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