Friday, February 5, 2010

Overcoming Anxiety Attacks Through Simple Lifestyle Changes

Hectic lifestyles are just one of the many causes of panic and anxiety attacks that can be easily changed for the better. It's the same with diet and food choices - unhealthy eating habits have been shown to induce or increase the likelihood of anxiety and panic attacks.

Besides avoiding sugary foods, increase your intake of fresh vegetables, wholemeal foods and fruit. Cut down on meat, and replace it with fish if you can't give up animal protein altogether.

When our bodies are under stress we use up our stores of vitamins more rapidly. Vitamin B complex is beneficial to the nerves and vitamin C is useful to help combat stress. Calcium has a calming effect. You may want to consider taking additional supplements of all three to make sure your supplies don't become too depleted, making your job that much harder as you start to take control over your panic attacks.

There are many good books around which explain about vitamins and recommended dosages. Take a trip to your local library to find out more. Although there appears to be a wide range of differing attitudes about how much to take for a remedial or maintenance dose, at least there is agreement that vitamins are vitally important in helping our bodies function at their optimum levels.

Another dimension can be added to your life through helping others. Not the moaning friends who enjoy nagging about their latest problem; I mean those people who really are less fortunate than yourself. It's an odd thing that helping others can lead you to helping yourself. A shift of focus away from self-interests can help relieve your own worries and put them in a different perspective, but only get involved if you feel you could happily cope with the demands.

Other things you may like to consider including in your new lifestyle are activities which can positively help you live a more fulfilling life. Taking classes in communication skills, management, assertiveness or life skills can be a real help. But so can joining in sculpture classes, for example, if that's what you've always wanted to try. Now is the time to explore all those avenues which can lead you to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

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