Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cure Panic Attacks Fast - My Story

After years of therapy in an attempt to cure my panic attacks, my advice to anyone who suffers from panic attacks is that, no matter what you have been told before, the fact is that there is an effective, natural, cure that doesn't take years or cost a lot.

Back in the late 90's, when I had my first panic attack, modern, innovative, Panic Attack Cures were not even invented yet. I have spent some of the best of my years trying to find something that, or someone who, could help me.

For some reason that is beyond my comprehension, I was made to believe by my doctor that the only option available was long term psychotherapy and/or medications. The assumption, I gather, was that if he or we could unearth the trauma/s for my anxiety attacks, the cure will follow.

Being a 'good' patient, I didn't mind the first, second and even third year of digging into my past with the hope of finding the cause. But as the therapy dragged into its fourth year and very little, if any, progress was achieved, the process was wearing me off.

No longer able to tolerate the fear of yet another attack, I decided that enough is enough and that I was going to take matters into my hands and do all that I could to get rid of my panic attacks.

One day, while surfing the Internet, I came across some material that appeared promising; I have discovered that more and more people who have been suffering from panic attacks were leaving their therapies and finding a quick cure via some new methods. According to their testimonials, they were getting cured rather quickly.

As it turned out, it was by ex-sufferers that these methods were developed.

These were people just like me and you who got sick and tired of years of therapies and medications, but experienced very little improvement, if any.

After curing themselves these individuals went on to perfect their methods and make them appeal to the masses.

One of these people, named Joe Barry, invented what is now known as PanicAway, a self help system that has, thus far, helped over 34,000 people, including me, get read of panic attacks.

As I was reading the material provided by PanicAway, I began to feel a great sense of relief; the refreshing idea of learning not to fear having another attack did it. It never occurred to me before - nor had my doctor ever mentioned - that the fear of the next panic attack is the very ingredient that fuels and brings about the next attack. What a relief - I could already feel that a cure is not only possible, but that it was not far away.

If you suffer from panic attacks, have been in therapy for a long time without seeing any benefits you may want to consider a method like PanicAway. After all, over 34,000 of cannot be wrong...

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