Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tips on Stopping Panic Attacks

Have you ever felt so much fear that you thought you were going to pass out or die? Did your heart thump and your pulse race and thought you were a goner for sure. Did the sensations of fear pass after a few minutes though and you felt better but you were left with a sense of unease that followed you around until the next episode of the same thing.

If this sounds familiar it's quite possible that you have suffered a panic attack. I know because I have suffered the same and I know how difficult and hard it can be to cope with.

I have put together some ideas below that can help you if you are in this situation at the moment.

1) Don't fight it

The truth of anything in life is that the more we fight something the more it persists and pushes back against ourselves. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to panic attacks. The emotion of fear is simply energized by our resistance to it. So next time you're having an attack, simply let the sensation of panic wash over you and you will start to feel better.

2) Give your panic time

Most panic attacks last a few minutes but when we're about to have one or while we are in the middle of one it seems like this is a life sentence. Realise next time you're about to have an attack or are when you're having one that this event has a time limit and it will pass over you if you let it.

3) Watch your diet

Diet can play a really important role when it comes to stopping panic attacks. You don't need to radically change your diet or anything, but you do need to watch the amount of sugar and caffeine in your diet as these products can make your symptoms worse.

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