Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Handle Panic Attacks - Easy Ways to Overcome Your Fears Once and For All

There are a lot of options when you want to know how to handle panic attacks. The first thing would be to remove the pessimism out from your system as you replace it with positivity about things. When you are positive about things, you are actually revitalizing your mind and your body. Remember that stress is the number one precursor and aggravating factor of panic attacks. And when you are thinking about negative thoughts, you are actually giving yourself stress more than you can chew.

Stress reduction techniques and relaxation methods are useful especially when you are already under a lot of stress from work and from home. What are some of the methods use to calm your self?

• Breathing methods: Learn to breathe in your nose then exhale on your mouth. This will greatly help you in handling the attacks.
• Relaxation of the mind: You can do this by slowly bringing yourself into the realm of imagination then back at reality again. You can do this exercise for as often as you like.
• Make a once in a while getaway to be one with the environment: This will greatly reduce your stress because we all know how relaxing the environment can be. When you are surrounded with green trees, you are actually taking in a lot of oxygen, which will improve blood oxygenation and revitalizes your mind.
• Maintain relaxation by avoiding alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks and cigarettes.
• Regular exercise

Find out what causes the attacks. Utilize a journal where you can take down specific notes and feelings about the details of the attack. When did it occur? Where did it occur? What was the precipitating event that made you have that attack? Who was with you? Did you handle it? If you know exactly the details of one particular attack and the same with the other ones, it would be easy for you to point out the interplay of factors revolving around an attack.

Be aware of the facts that having anxiety is normal as long as you are alive. You have to realize that all people panic. You only have an exaggerated response. This means that your response has been heightened to the point of unreality with regards to the cause of the fear. You must realize that there are no realistic bases to your anxiety because you are not in any danger.

Do not forget to seek help. This does not mean that you are helpless on your own. You just need someone who can reinforce the reality so that you will believe that it is not necessary for you to be anxious and fearful. This is especially important if you have underlying medical problems that need to be treated first.

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