Friday, January 22, 2010

Top Tips How to Fight Depression

Fighting depression can often be a race you feel you are not going to complete not to mention win. The condition makes you feel as though there is no end in sight, not a good end in any case. However there is. A triumph is nothing is if is not earned and the triumph over depression is like any other-it takes time and hard work to gain and keep it under control. Here are a few top tips how to fight depression:

Be active - Doing exercise and being active releases feel-good hormones that counteract the depression. Take long walks, do yoga or ride bicycle. Any of those activities you have not done in a while. Make sure you get lots of sun and fresh air as this will make you feel more energised. Energy being of great lack with depression. Even if you feel like doing nothing, be strong and stand up.

Keeping your mind occupied is key to managing your depression,. Express yourself though gardening, writing and painting. You will see your creations go from dull and boring during your starting phase to bright and colourful as you progress through the phases of depression to ultimate recovery.

Do something different.

Break your habits and daily rituals a little. You are so stuck in your circumstances that you think there is nothing fun or stimulating to do in the world anymore. Take a different road or do you grocery shopping at another mall. Don't stop there-face your fears and do something you are terrified of like bungee-jumping. Who knows it may just be life changing?

Spoil yourself.

Take yourself shopping. Retail therapy is excellent treatment for depression. However only in moderation. Do not spend money that you don't have. You don't want to add to your existing worries by indulging in extravagant items. It is the small things in life that matter. Someone once gave me the advice that a shopping centre or mall is the ideal setting for stimulation your senses which have been numbed by your condition. By drinking a chocolate milkshake or strawberry juice you are tasting, smelling and seeing something that give you pleasure, no matter how insignificant it may seem-it will have a positive effect.

Talking about your worries and frustrations will make you feel less stressed and bottled-up. That is why God created friends and family-to stand-by each other, lend a hand and listen. You will also realise that there are people with greater problems and worries than yours.

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