Thursday, January 28, 2010

Overcome Panic Attacks - Self Help Methods to Help You Control the Key Element to Overcoming Anxiety

You can naturally overcome panic attacks by eliminating the one key element that is responsible for triggering anxiety and this article will help you confront this element so that you can begin to get reasonable relief from anxiety, phobias and depression.

Panic Anxiety Attacks often come out of the blue, unexpectedly. And the symptoms can be so frightening that they can often leave you paralyzed with fear. Your fear then begins to control you and your life and you try and avoid events, places, people and situations whenever you feel anxiety coming on. And it is this worry of another panic attack that heightens your already high levels of anxiety. And situations where you were more than capable of dealing with - prior to the attack - now can almost set off another anxiety attack.

It is this fear that you need to face and deal with in order to overcome panic attacks and anxiety. Unless you begin to eliminate this fear the vicious cycle of panic and anxiety will never stop. While some degree of fear is natural - I am referring to the kind of fear that can actually stop you from doing every day normal events such as driving or being in a public place. The fear that can set your heartbeat so fast you feel like you are dying.

You might have considered conventional medicine in your search for a way to overcome panic attacks and anxiety. The drugs used for panic and anxiety disorders are mainly in the form of anti-depressants and their purpose is to manage your frame of mind by controlling chemical reactions in your brain. They cannot control the "fear" in you and the fear of having another attack.

They are normally prescribed short term and some people will get the benefit of these drugs but they are not something that you can or want to depend on for the rest of your life --- there are many dangerous side effects associated with them including addiction - they really are meant to work as a short term solution - while you deal with the element of fear, because you'll be back at the start when you ultimately come off the drugs. (Note of warning: If you are currently on prescription medication for anxiety - do not come off it without first consulting your doctor - mainly because of the possible addiction issues and other possible health risks).

The real reason why some people can overcome panic attacks and anxiety naturally whereas others have to rely on antidepressants or other anxiety drugs to help them, is because these folks have successfully found a way to get rid of their fear of having another anxiety attack. They have faced their fear head on and cured themselves in the process. Once they had that "fear" under control they moved on to work on treating their general anxiety without any barriers.

I want you to imagine this..

Go and see if you can have an anxiety attack right this minute.... I know this may sound silly but see if you can make it happen. I bet you can't, and the reason why is because you are dealing with your fear face-to-face by trying to trigger an attack. And in the process of it you are eliminating that fear.

When you've reached this position you have ultimately overcome your fear of another panic attack and have broken down this seemingly endless cycle of anxiety that dominated your everyday life and are now ready to get to work on eliminating your general anxiety for good. And you did it by yourself without any mind-numbing anti-depressants.

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